Kyrie Irving reveals the secret he used to become one of the greatest ball-handlers the NBA has ever seen!

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May 17, 2016. My name is Coach Brandon. I'm a CoachUp "Hall of Fame" coach located in the Boston area. To answer your question, basketball players have been tying plastic bags over basketballs for years. I believe this technique is an easy to do and quick way to help strengthen your ball handling skills. Having a.

Basketball Dribbling Plastic BagThe NBA Auto-Fill Game: Answering the Internet’s Biggest Kyrie Irving Questions – I suspect he plays real-life Frogger, dribbling several basketballs at once through. you should clown on Kyrie because he practices his ball handling skills by wrapping a basketball in a plastic bag. What even is that? What a stooge!

Basketball on the Edge – 5 Unorthodox Tips to Improve Dribbling Skills. Published on October 13, 2014;. Dribble a basketball covered with a plastic bag.

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Corbyn, the counsel for the Kremlin, descended into peevish, dribbling gibberish: QUENTIN LETTS watches the Labour leader’s remarks on the spy scandal met with disbelief from MPs

Kyrie Irving reveals the secret he used to become one of the greatest. Practice dribbling with the ball in a plastic bag!. 250+ Basketball Terms all Coaches.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 — The Georgetown junior forward Jeff Green stood in the bowels of the Verizon Center and clutched a white plastic bag that contained his postgame. “We made them dribble, and they really couldn’t hit a lot of shots.

Oct 10, 2014. The Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving used this technique to improve his dribbling. The plastic bag creates an unpredictable feel for the ball during dribbling. The bag takes the bounce out of the ball and makes you dribble harder. The smooth, plastic surface also reduces the feel you have for the ball, so that you have.

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From the time he entered this world it seemed as if Seventh Woods was a special kind of kid, whether on the basketball court. coaches followed at 6 p.m. Williams came toting a plastic bag full of goodies, including pralines and crème.

A British surrogate mother says she will raise a disabled girl as her own after the baby’s intended mother said she didn’t want a ‘dribbling cabbage’ as her child.

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Giving a whole new meaning to the term &quote;basketball bags,&quote; Kyrie Irving wraps balls in plastic to sharpen his ball-handling skills.

For South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley, with age comes wisdom, a tiny dog and hopefully, a second NCAA championship.

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Feb 23, 2015. Giving a whole new meaning to the term &quote;basketball bags,&quote; Kyrie Irving wraps balls in plastic to sharpen his ball-handling skills.