Sep 11, 2017. Dribbling and ball-handling skills are vital if you want to be a good basketball player. To develop and perfect your skills, repetition and practice are your allies. There are no shortcuts if you want to be the best. And one of the best ways to practice dribbling is with cone-dribbling drills.

Best Basketball Drills With ConesImprove Speed and Conditioning With These 4 Cone Drills | STACK – May 30, 2016. Sprint to the cone in front of you. Sidestep to the cone on your left. Backpedal to the cone behind you, which is where you started. That is one round. Run this drill for time and repeat for the desired number of rounds for the best time possible. RELATED: Kevin Love's Cone Hop Basketball Shooting Drill.

He ran a 4.42 seconds in the 40-yard sash, a 7.03 in the three-cone drill and a 4.25 in the 20. He also did 15 reps on the bench press and had the top vertical jump.

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This drill is great for players looking to move down a position and become a better isolation scorer. Instructions: Three cones are placed in a triangle with the back two cones closer to half court, then the front cone, followed by the coach.

Drills to improve ball handling – human-kinetics – Regardless of the style of basketball your team plays, all players need to be able to handle the ball. The best way for a player to gain confidence in ball handling is through hours of practice. When doing ball-handling drills I have my players first work on technique, second on speed, and third.

Speed hurdles Increase acceleration with faster turnover. Mini hurdles provide the spacing and height needed to force your feet to cycle fast.

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At Indianapolis, his time in the 20-yard shuttle of 4.4 seconds was the best among his peers. He finished second in three-cone drill at 7.29 seconds, tied for sixth.

Sweat clocked in at 4.53 seconds to top the position group in Indianapolis. Sweat tied with Davenport for second at 124 inches. Three-cone drill: Ohio State defensive end Sam Hubbard was the fastest at this station with a 6.84-second.

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May 29, 2014. When the gym is closed, pro skills trainer Coach Koran Godwin of Jumpstart Hoops advises training on an outdoor track, which can serve as the perfect non- basketball setting for you to work on your ball-handling and dribbling. All you need are two basketballs and two cones, and you'll be set for a full-on.

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In this video, Coach Tim Springer demonstrates a drill that gives a high amount of repetitions for change of directions and flows into a game attack. This drill works on attacking the elbow, which is something guards will have to do often.