Aug 29, 2017. When I was growing up, basketball was big in my neighborhood. Everyone wanted to be able to dunk on a regulation 10-foot high basket and, thus, everyone focused on improving their vertical jump. The progression usually went a little something like this: touch the rim, grab the rim, hang on the rim, dunk.

Looking to increase your vertical leap? T.J. Allan of has a three-part system to improving your leap–a flexibility component, a strength component and a power component. Mix these three exercises into your normal training routine and watch your vertical leap take positive gains closer and closer to the.

Oct 14, 2016. Practice and train your vertical jump by developing your strength, your speed and your ability to combine the two in an explosive force.

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New York — The NBA is prohibiting its players from wearing a new line of sneakers that claims to increase vertical leap. The NBA said in a statement Tuesday that "under league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game that.

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Whether it's at the YMCA or on the blacktop hustling like Billy Hoyle, we've all daydreamed about driving to the hole, leaping up and over a defender, and posterizing some poor schmuck à la John Starks' '93 dunk over Michael Jordan and Horace Grant. Yet it rarely happens, and it often has more to do with your vertical leap.

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In this article I give you a full 12 week course on how to improve your jumping ability. I'll share with you exercises that will improve your vertical leap.

How To Maximize Vertical LeapAsk The Ripped Dude: How Can I Improve My Vertical Jump? – Q Ripped Dude, I'm looking to increase my power and explosiveness, and I hear the vertical leap is key. What's the best way to train to improve my power and leaping ability with this explosive movement?

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Oct 20, 2017. Perform calisthenics every day to increase flexibility. Calisthenics includes basic bodyweight exercises that help build up your muscles. Because you don't need any equipment, you can do calisthenics anywhere to build strength and agility. To improve your vertical leap, do calisthenics that target your leg.

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I'll share with you exercises that will improve your vertical leap. If you are wondering if it is even possible to increase your vertical jump,

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How to Increase Your Vertical Leap. If you're an athlete, then working to increase your vertical leap could help you go further in your sport. A strong vertical leap can help you excel in several sports, including basketball, gymnastics,