LOS ANGELES (AP) – Does Kobe Bryant need another trophy? He might get one — at the Oscars. Bryant, the retired Los Angeles Lakers star, was nominated in the animated short category for “Dear Basketball,” based on a poem he.

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Why Kobe Bryant? Well I feel he's one of the best basketball players to have ever played the game. Age has finally caught up to him but there are still many tricks you can learn from his basketball success. I'm chasing perfection. – Kobe Bryant.

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Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant explained why writing "Dear Basketball" was more difficult than winning the NBA title against the Pacers at 21.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is known for his five NBA championship rings and, more specifically, his amazing scoring ability. But it's his tenacity on the defensive end that sets him apart. Defense has always been one of Bryant's strengths, so it pays to listen to him give tips on guarding your opponent.

Kobe Bryant Technique. Discover your passion for basketball with the tips by Kobe Bryant, one of the well-rounded performers of his time. Find all the information about basketball moves in his new e-book.

When I read about Kobe talking about some of his "secrets", my ears certainly perked up. I'm sure yours did too. Kobe has been one of the best players of this generation and possibly one of the best guards of all time. In the video, Kobe revealed that he has 2 moves on the perimeter and 2 moves in the post. He believes that.

Kobe Bryant can now add another. his contributions to the animated short, "Dear Basketball." "Dear Basketball" is based on a poem he wrote in 2015 announcing his basketball retirement, ESPN reported. Bryant shared the Oscar.

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A Playboy starlet has denied being responsible for the break-up of shamed basketball star Kobe Bryant’s marriage. A slew of internet rumours claimed the LA Laker’s player’s wife Vanessa was furious he had taken Playmate Jessica Burciaga as a mistress. After being confronted with the rumours by TMZ.

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Both of NBA star Kobe Bryant‘s jerseys, #8 and #24, were retired at a ceremony during halftime of the Golden State Warrios vs Lakers game at the Staples Center on Monday. Kobe, 39, retired in 2016 after a long stellar career with the Lakers. At the start of the 2006 NBA season, Kobe changed his.

"When you have limitations and you understand your limitations and you stay within yourself, you can be great," Kobe Bryant said. "You know what you can do and what you can't do. In America, it's a big problem for us because we're not teaching players how to play all-around basketball. That's why you have Pau and Marc.

Kobe Bryant became the first professional basketball player to win an Oscar on Sunday night and his former colleagues and competitors in the NBA were quick to congratulate him on his success. Bryant won the Oscar for best animated.

But there were many behind-the-scenes moments that didn’t make the broadcast. From Kobe Bryant declaring his.

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Coaching middle school basketball presents some unique challenges because your players have SUCH a wide array of talent and experience. Some players have very little experience and they need youth level drills and coaching. Other players have already played hundreds of games and might even be good.

Kobe Bryant Basketball TipsL.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant gives TIME's Sean Gregory some tips for a pickup game. Subscribe to TIME http://po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the wo.

Sep 11, 2017. Kobe Bryant is widely regarded as a premier shooter in the National Basketball Association. His shooting technique is flawless, his shot. Tips. Ingrain your fundamentals by adhering to the steps. Bryant, arguably, has the best fundamental shooting form in the NBA. Use his example to your advantage.