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That's when I stumbled on Vert Shock. The program promises an increase of 9-15 inches on your vertical jump in only 8 weeks. And to be honest, that sounded a lot like "Lose 20 pounds in 5 days" or “Make millions with no risk,” You see that stuff every day on the internet. But, the web page looked very professional and.

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Vert Shock Vertical Jump After only 4 weeks of Vert Shock I was able to throw down my first dunk! Get the detailed story about my progress so far in my latest blog post. Add 15 Inches To Vertical Jumps! Try Vert Shock Now, $67 Today Only? Product description. Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training Program Review The Complete Vert

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Apr 11, 2018. What Is Vert Shock? Vert Shock is a relatively new training system designed first and foremost to increase your vertical jump. It was developed by Pro basketball player, Adam Folker, and one of the world's highest and most decorated dunkers, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington. adam-folker-system Adam Folker.

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Dunk Like A BadAss! +15″ To Jumps. Try Vert Shock Now, $67 Today Only?

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By the time I had reached my senior year in highschool I ended up leading the country in scoring! I got an NCAA Division 1 full ride scholarship and I am now a professional basketball player.And a huge part of this transformation was becoming a more explosive player and being able to jump with guys taller than I am.

Vert Shock Or ProVert Shock | #1 Worldwide Jump – My good friend Justin 'Jus Fly' Darlington has also benefited from these 'Vert Shock' secrets we're. hunted down vert jump geniuses. pro ball contract.

Find The Truth On The Vert Shock Program By Justin And Adam Folker Now!

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Honestly, initially we were skeptical of the Vert Shock claims of a 15" gain in jump height. Every other Vert Shock review online seemed very biased so we.

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After countless requests from the V.J.W community the time has come to finally release this ​comprehensive Vert Shock review to the public. You see, over the past few months many of our valued readers have asked us "Does Vert Shock Really Work?" & "What Exactly Is Included In The Program?" Well, we finally got.