May 21, 2016. STACK Expert Mike Schultz provides four training techniques basketball players can use to increase their vertical jump.

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These are static exercises that don't put you through a range of motion, but are often used in training programs designed at increasing your vertical. One of the most popular is putting your back against the wall for some static chair sits. This engages your leg muscles and you can feel the muscle fibers start to quiver as hits.

The upper body plays a huge part in your vertical and having a stronger one will let you jump higher. Just try jumping without moving your arms and keeping your back upright and you'll see what I mean. Jump after you fatigue your muscles. For example, do a wall sit where you sit with your back against the wall and your.

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Here is how you can use isometrics to help you jump higher. That split second where you are not going up or down is also an isometric contraction. isometric wall sit WALL SITS: A SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE ISOMETRIC. BUT, that does not mean they cannot be used to make some dramatic gains on your vertical jump.

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Do Wall Sits Help Vertical Jump

Do Wall Sits Help Vertical Jump