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May 29, 2016. To achieve this, I decided to follow the 8-week Vert Shock training system by Adam Folker and Justin Jus Fly Darlington. vert-shock. One more push. So I was determined not to allow myself to go easy – I did everything that the Post- Shock Phase required, pushing myself to the limit with each jump.

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Vert shock is broken down into 3 different phases over a 8 week training period. These 3 phases are pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post-shock phase. The first week of the program is the pre-shock phase which will prepare you for the intensity of the next part of the program, but that doesn't mean you won't see results.

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Does Adam Folker Vert Shock Program Really Work? Does It Get Results? Find out the TRUTH About This System Through My In-Depth Review!

National Average For Vertical Jump Average Vertical Jump for Men and Women – The Exercisers – Comparing how high you jump to the average vertical jump of your peers or those you're competing against gives you an idea if you need to work harder or not. The 1988 Canadian men's volleyball team logged an impressive 36 inch average while the

Mar 27, 2017. The “Pre-Shock” phase lays the necessary groundwork for the big gains to come, but it's highly effective in its own right; many users reports seeing definite improvements within their first week using the VertShock program. The “Post- Shock” phase is really vital, helping to condition your body to accept its.

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What is the average vertical jump of men and women? How about athletes like basketball and volleyball players? See how you stack up.

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Does Vert Shock Work? – In Depth 2017 Review – Dec 7, 2016. So, what the heck IS Vert Shock by Adam Folker? For those outside of or unfamiliar with basketball, you might not ever have heard of this. But now that I've given you the first clue that this is about basketball, you might now catch the meaning of the name of the product, “Vert Shock,” in that it's talking about.

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This should be a really easy decision for you since I'm taking all the risk here. Seriously. If you don't like anything about the program for any reason at all, you get all your money back – every single cent and I won't even ask you why. So basically not joining Vert Shock would mean you were willing to turn your back on your.

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