Jesse Pelletier. 4 years ago. I would've expected the shortest person to ever dunk on a regulation hoop to at least have some trouble with it, but this dude makes it look easy. Very impressive. LIKE (1) · REPLY response to this attempt. United States.

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He totally got us, we totally got him,’ Fall Out Boy tells MTV News about their new 2 Chainz collaboration. What Fall Out Boy lacks in height, they make up for in big, over-the-top rock tunes. "We are the shortest people involved in the Slam.

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Shortest man in the U.S to Dunk (5'3) van franks. Shortest Person To Dunk A Basketball. TOP 10 YOUNGEST DUNKERS EVER – Duration:.

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One of the most memorable events of Webb’s career was his dunk contest win, which took place on February 8, 1986, at the NBA All-Star Game Weekend in Dallas. Webb, the shortest player to ever participate in the competition to that.

Webb was the shortest person to compete in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, winning the event in 1986 at Dallas' Reunion Arena. His participation surprised the media; including his teammate and defending dunk champion Dominique Wilkins, who had "never seen me dunk before", Webb said. His dunks included the elevator.

His first dunk of the finals incorporated his dad, Larry Nance Sr., the first-ever slam dunk champion in 1984. Dennis Smith Jr., the shortest competitor in the field, had the first 50 of the night when he flushed a through-the-legs, 360 jam,

The Shortest guy to dunk on a 10 ft court stands at 5'2(Me). Here he is!

Porter Maberry successfully dunked a basketball into a men's regulation size basketball. shortest person to ever dunk on a. Shortest Person To #Dunk On A.

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Shortest Person To Ever DunkNot against Webb, who, at 5’6", still stands as the shortest person to ever be the league’s slam dunk champion. With one inspirational slam, Dee Brown may have set off two cultural phenomena. During the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest in.

If you're inquisitive about someone who is not from the NBA, then I guess it's Porter Maberry 5'5" The Incredible Story of a 5-foot-5 Viral Dunking Sensation He also has a commercial with LeBron James. He's the one who dunked in the phone video.

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Did Mugsy Bouges of the NBA ever dunk? I heard he could, but I never saw him. How about other people not playing in the NBA?